Man sentenced in knife attack

Posted: 18th March 2011 by Doc in Uncategorized
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Thomas Stephens, 43, of Sequim, was sentenced to 105 months in prison Tuesday for second-degree assault with a weapon.

Clallam County Prosecutor Deb Kelly said Stephens attacked his pregnant wife with a knife last July. The wife survived with minor injuries, she said.

Aside from the second-degree assault conviction, Stephens was also convicted of witness tampering for suggesting his wife get “amnesia” or not appear to testify against him in court. He also was found to be in violation of a protection order.

According to court documents, on July 20, 2010, Stephens began seeing invisible people in his Sequim residence who were laughing. After barricading the front and back doors, Stephens turned on his wife, who was seven months pregnant, claiming she knew who the invisible people were. Stephens slapped her hard enough she lost hearing in one ear, then began using a butcher knife to tear up furniture.

Stephens threatened to stab his wife in the eye or cut the baby out of her; then he put a knife to her throat while bending her backwards, according to court documents. She eventually was able to escape to the house of a neighbor, who called 911.

Stephens’ wife left the state and did not testify during the trial. Stephens denied being at the house at the time of the assault but did admit to using methamphetamine.

Stephens has earlier convictions for domestic violence assault, burglary, drugs and indecent exposure. He is a registered sex offender.

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