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Fayetteville, TN – Lincoln County Sheriff’s Department deputies stayed busy Monday as they rounded up as many as 21 alleged methamphetamine dealers.

Federal authorities issued 21 indictments last week and Monday deputies served those warrants.

“We’ve targeted the bigger cooks, the ones that have the bigger groups and the bigger followings. The main thing is to get the cook. There will be others to follow but we’ll go after them at the time,” says Sheriff Murray Blackwelder.

Blackwelder says local authorities have spent the last 14 months undercover trying to find the big names in the Lincoln County meth game.

“Methamphetamine is one of the most awful drugs out there. It wrecks people’s lives and wrecks people’s lives that aren’t even involved with it and there is no known way to stop it other than to put them in a position where they can not manufacture it,” says Blackwelder.

Blackwelder has a stern warning for others considering starting their own meth operation.

“We’re going to get them. We’re not going to let up because it’s ruining lives and it’s our job to try and protect the people and that’s what we’re going to do.”

We’re told the people arrested Monday will go before a federal judge in Chattanooga Tuesday.

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