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Police in Schuylkill County broke up what they call a portable methamphetamine lab that was operating just 75 feet from the police station.

“I certainly think that it was brazen to be that close to the police department,” said Coaldale Police Patrolman Jeremy Talanca.

Police arrested James Levan, Michelle Romig, Patrick Shoemaker and Tyler Strawdinger. They lived in the home next to the police station, and are accused of dealing in heroin and methamphetamine.

“This is finished product of methamphetamine, a small crystal substance,” Patrolman Talanca explained. “They say taking one dose of meth can give a person 12 to 24 hours of intoxication.”

Investigators said Michelle Romig had a seven-year-old daughter living in the drug-filled house.

“Just the manufacturer of the meth is a danger. The use of meth around the child is a danger, the narcotics within the child’s reach is a danger,” Talanca added.

Making meth can cause a fire or explosion.

“Thats pretty scary. A bomb is a bomb that could have blown up houses, my house, neighbors’ houses. There is a restaurant right there too, people always in and out,” said neighbor Ian McGregor said.

Neighbors are also disturbed about the seven year old living there.

“Young children, it’s no good to be bringing them up like that. They’ll end up the same way,”s aid Lenny Stahler of Tamaqua.

Police said more charges may be filed, especially against Romig, because investigator said she allowed her seven-year-old daughter to live in a drug-filled, dangerous environment.,0,1170657.story

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