Meth lab explodes in Bastrop

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Two people were injured, one seriously, and five people were arrested after a reported methamphetamine lab exploded in Bastrop.

Morehouse Parish deputies responded to the scene of the explosion Sunday night.

Sheriff Mike Tubbs said Bastrop police and firefighters responded to an explosion on North Washington Street. Tubbs said deputies were called in after the scene showed evidence of being a meth lab.

“Our investigation revealed the victims-suspects were in the process of making methamphetamine,” Tubbs said. He said deputies arrested Teddy Barfield, 45, of Bastrop, and booked him into Morehouse Parish Jail on charges of operating a clandestine laboratory, conspiracy to operate a clandestine laboratory and arson.

Tubbs said Barfield suffered minor injuries. Another suspect, Jeffrey Walker, 26, suffered severe injuries and was first taken to Morehouse General Hospital, then to Louisiana State University Medical Center in Shreveport.

“He’s still in serious condition,” Tubbs said.

Deputies arrested four other individuals in relation to the incident. Rose Faircloth, 19, and Zachary McGee, 21, were booked into the jail on charges of conspiracy to operate a clandestine laboratory, possession of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Another suspect, Tamara Webb, 23, was booked on charges of conspiracy to operate a clandestine laboratory. Tubbs said all three were accused of supplying materials to make suspected methamphetamine to Walker and Barfield.

Deputies arrested another suspect, Michelle O’Conner, was arrested on out-of-state charges. Tubbs said she was arrested in connection to the incident having been a witness to illegal acts.

“We expect to make more arrests,” Tubbs said. He said all suspects are awaiting bonds.

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