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The making or “cooking” of Methamphetamine is becoming a big problem in many areas of Western New York. In Chautauqua County, the Sheriff’s office said the hazardous remains that are left after manufacturing the drug are harmful.

Authorities say people cook Meth using plastic pop bottles with a rubber tube coming from the top. When they are done making the drug, they discard the bottle on the road. This item is dangerous to anyone who picks up the bottle because of the left over toxins inside.

Recently, bottles have been found across Chautauqua County. Authorities said they came from a group of people from Pennsylvania who came to the area, cooked the drugs in their cars then threw the bottles out the window.

Michelle Spahn with the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration had this to say about the problem.

“Our information is that most of these Meth labs are being utilized by younger people who are finding these recipes readily available the Internet and how to make Meth. And it’s a simple process but very dangerous,” Spahn said.

The chemicals are hazardous and the fumes may cause itching and burning of the eyes, throat and lungs if inhaled. It can also cause severe skin burns and respiratory damage.

Authorities say if you see a bottle, don’t pick it up. Report it to the police. They say parents should also warn their children about those dangers.

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