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MAYVILLE—Authorities in Chautauqua County issued a public safety alert Tuesday in the northern part of the county after several bottles had been found along area roadsides containing toxic substances used to make methamphetamine.

Sheriff’s officials said they believe the bottles found by citizens within the last week were discarded by individuals recently arrested in the Erie, Pa., area for manufacturing methamphetamine in a motor vehicle.

“If anyone should encounter such a device, please do not touch it,” said Sheriff Joseph A. Gerace. “The contents can be extremely toxic.”

Gerace encouraged residents to contact sheriff’s officials or local police agencies for disposal and encouraged parents to discuss the situation with children.

The bottles typically are found with some type of rubber tubing protruding from them. Inside are the hazardous and toxic waste residue left over from the methamphetamine-manufacturing process, police said.

Police cautioned that contact with the chemicals or waste residue can burn the skin and cause “severe respiratory damage.”

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