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Across the state, the abuse of methamphetamine has become one of the most dangerous and destructive threats to communities and families.

Even in Walton County, meth arrests have become a significant part of the area’s drug problem, surpassing cocaine and other drugs as the drug of choice for too many users/victims.

The Georgia Senate, however, is trying to push back at the meth problem with recent actions.

Senate Bill 93 would reclassify one of the key ingredients of methamphetamine — a decongestant called pseudoephedrine — as a Schedule 5 exempt drug.

Under the new classification, medications containing pseudoephedrine would only be sold in pharmacies, where the amounts of medication can be monitored.

Convenience stores and other such businesses would no longer sell such medication, but consumers could still buy the product without a prescription.

While the Georgia House has yet to vote on the bill, it’s encouraging to see action taken on what is becoming one of the great plagues of drug abuse in this state.

Any action at fighting meth, and reclaiming our communities in Walton County and beyond, is one to be celebrated.

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