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A 55-year-old man is expected to be arraigned this afternoon in connection with the videotaped torture – and later death – of a man who stole a car full of methamphetamine.

Prosecutors allege Randall Stuart Harbin asked two others to get his car back from the victim, who’s been identified only as “Kool Aid.” The victim was bound and his torture inside a Lakewood apartment videotaped last July.

Prosecutors have charged Harbin with first-degree murder in the case. He was arrested Wednesday morning at the courthouse and is scheduled to be arraigned this afternoon.

Three others – Michael Crosman, Maalo Semu Samaota and Aleeya Freeman – also have been charged in the slaying. Crosman has pleaded not guilty to aggravated first-degree murder and Freeman has pleaded not guilty to first-degree murder. Samaota is in custody in Portland and is awaiting extradition to Tacoma to face aggravated first-degree murder charge.

According to court documents, the victim stole Harbin’s car and Harbin told Samaota to get his vehicle back. Samaota then enlisted the help of Freeman, who was asked to lure the victim to the Lakewood apartment of Crosman and Samaota.

After the victim got to the apartment, he was bound and gagged. Crosman allegedly videotaped as Samaota tortured the victim with a knife, prosecutors allege.

Harbin reportedly went to the apartment and confronted the victim, court documents state.

“Harbin reportedly yelled at Kool Aid for stealing his (expletive) and left the apartment,” court documents state.

The victim was later killed. Investigators believe his remains were found last month near Harts Lake, though they were waiting for tests to confirm their suspicions.

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