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Jason Jon Carroll, 39, of Wayland, remains in custody following a March 7 arrest for manufacturing methamphetamine and operating and maintaining a laboratory at 3539 7th St. in Wayland.

The home where the incident occurred is owned by Carroll’s parents, Mary Louise Carroll and Jon Carroll, who were vacationing in Florida on the date of the incident.

Jon Carroll is currently a trustee on the Wayland Union Schools Board of Education.

“He is a grown adult. I am not responsible for his actions,” Jon Carroll said in a phone interview. “I want to make one thing perfectly clear. I’ve lived at that residence for a number of years and there has not been any drug activity at that house. I do not advocate drugs. I have nothing to do with drugs.”

According to a police report acquired through a March 18 Freedom of Information Act request, Michigan State Police officers approached the residence on March 7 after receiving an anonymous tip regarding the manufacture of methamphetamine at the address.

Upon arriving, police noticed a sulfur smell, according to the report.

Three vehicles were parked in the home’s driveway, one belonging to Heather Sparks, 24, who was identified as having an active warrant out for her arrest pertaining to a domestic violence charge.

Police spoke with Jason Carroll, asking about the smell. Carroll replied that he had recently burned an old vacuum in a burn barrel out back.

Upon investigation of the burn barrel, police discovered a burnt piece of foil, indicative of meth use, according to the report.

Carroll then refused to consent to a search of the home, the report states.

The officer asked if Sparks was inside the residence. Carroll replied that she was not.

The officer informed him that a search warrant would be pursued and if Sparks was located inside following the issuance of a search warrant, he would be arrested for harboring a fugitive.

Carroll then told police that Sparks was inside, but continued to tell officers that he did not use meth, and no meth was being manufactured inside the home.

Sparks and her 4-year-old son were located inside the home. She was arrested as a fugitive and was lodged at the Barry County Jail. The 4-year-old was taken to foster care.

Carroll’s 14-year-old son, who was also present inside the home, was placed with his biological mother, according to police.

Officers then secured the home while an affidavit for a search warrant was completed.

Upon searching the residence, officers located a small refrigerator in Jason Carroll’s room. Inside the freezer portion of the unit, officers discovered a one-pot meth reaction.

Police also located several pieces of methamphetamine paraphernalia at the residence, including a lye, camping fuel, muriatic acid, coffee filters, battery peelings, air tubing, a digital scale, and ammonium nitrate.

Carroll was placed under arrest and transported to the Allegan County Jail.

The following morning, at the jail, Carroll admitted to cooking meth and giving some of the finished product to Sparks, according to the report. He also admitted to placing the reaction bottle in the freezer, using fuel to cook meth, and to having the jar of meth that was located inside the freezer.

A pretrial meeting on Jason Carroll’s case was scheduled for Monday, April 25. No further court action is scheduled at this time.

West Michigan Enforcement Team Lt. Mike Anderson said the home will be identified as a drug lab.

“The notice of site of illegal drug manufacturing gets sent to the Michigan Department of Community Health and the Allegan County Department of Community Health. They then send letters out that no one should inhabit the home until it gets tested and cleared,” he said. “The next step falls on the back of the township as a zoning enforcement, though a lot of the time it isn’t enforced very stringently.”

Jon Carroll taught at Wayland Union Schools for 33 years and was first elected to the district’s board of education in July 1997.

Jon Carroll, and board members Paul Schloop and Don Borgic, were targeted for recall on Aug. 2, 2010.

Wayland resident Mick Lane filed the recall paperwork. Lane said the recall attempt was spurred by Carroll, Borgic and Schloop’s support of custodial privatization and their vocal support for former superintendent Eivor Swan following her decision not to inform police after two separate gun threats had occurred in January and May 2010.

Lane also claimed that Carroll was spending winters in Florida, causing him to miss 75 percent of board meetings from Dec. 12, 2009 through May 1, 2010.

The recall attempt failed to proceed due to a lack of collected signatures.

Jon Carroll said he was unaware of the March 7 arrest, stating that he didn’t receive any notice from the police of an incident at his residence.

“I’ve been in Florida since this happened and have received nothing. I have no idea if that place is sealed up,” said Jon Carroll. “The incident is over with, but I believe this is part of a witch hunt to destroy me and my family.”

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