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LYNNWOOD — The beginning of a bitter divorce looks to have taken a violent and bloody turn for a Lynnwood man.

Now his wife and her son are facing serious criminal allegations in connection with a late-night attack.

Debra Glenn, 53, is accused of sneaking into the house she once shared with her husband and clobbering him with a baseball bat while he slept. The assault happened about a month after her husband filed for divorce and obtained a protection order forbidding Glenn from returning home.

In court documents the man accused his wife and her son, Jacob Warner, of being involved in illegal drugs and stealing from him. He told the court that he feared the pair and was concerned they would hurt him and her other son.

Prosecutors allege that the man’s predictions came true in the late hours of April 11.

Emergency dispatchers received a call from a man reporting that his wife and her adult son had hit him with a baseball bat. Lynnwood police officers arrived to see the man stumble out the front door and sit down on the porch. He was covered in blood.

The man later was interviewed at a Seattle hospital and explained that he was in the process of divorcing his wife of 20 years. A couple weeks earlier he’d obtained a court order directing Glenn and Warner to vacate the family home no later than April 1. Glenn was in court but had refused to sign the order.

The man explained that Glenn and Warner had been living out of a car ever since.

He told investigators that he’d seen Glenn the day of the attack. He’d met her at Scriber Lake Park, gave her a cup of coffee and handed over a rebate check that had come in the mail for her. He said she complained about having no money.

He told detectives that later that night he woke up to a noise and started to get out of bed to investigate. That’s when he felt someone holding him down. Then someone began hitting him with a bat.

The man said he was able to turn on the light and that’s when he realized that Warner was restraining him and Glenn was hitting him, court papers said. He fought his petite wife off and pushed her and Warner out of the bedroom and locked the door. He retreated to a bathroom and called 911. He told detectives that Glenn and Warner forced open the bedroom door and attacked him in the bathroom.

He said Warner began hitting him with something and the blows knocked the phone out of his hand. He made his way to another phone and called 911 again. He told detectives that’s when Glenn and Warner fled.

Detectives later discovered that someone had removed a board from the deck and used a crawlspace under the house to enter through the floor of an office. Officers found a jacket and a cigarette butt in the crawlspace. There was a cellphone, tissue and lighter in the jacket pockets. Police also found a bloodied and cracked baseball bat in the kitchen along with a wrench wrapped in a bloodied jacket.

Police arrested Glenn and Warner, 35, later that day. Police searched Glenn’s purse and allegedly retrieved bank cards belonging to her husband. They also found methamphetamine and a pack of Pall Mall cigarettes — the same brand as the butts they found on the floor inside the house and in the crawlspace.

Glenn, a convicted felon, served time in prison in 2004 for an attempted first-degree robbery. She was accused of using a knife to hold up a stylist who’d just cut her hair. The stylist reported that Glenn tied him up with the cord of a waxing machine. At her sentencing, her attorney argued that Glenn had suddenly stopped taking her medications and was suffering from some kind of breakdown at the time of the event.

In divorce papers, Glenn denied that she or her son used illegal drugs. She also denied her husband’s claim that she is violent.

He “is going to say anything about me to make me look bad including lie,” she wrote. “How could I hurt them physically. I can’t.”

Her husband required several stitches and staples to close cuts to his head.

Prosecutors charged the mother and son with first-degree domestic violence assault and first-degree robbery. They are being held on $250,000 bail.

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