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Estacada resident James Robert Svoboda was arrested Wednesday evening at his home on four drug-related charges involving the alleged manufacture and sale of methamphetamine.

Officers from the Clackamas County Interagency Task Force – with the assistance of the Oregon National Guard – surrounded Svoboda’s home at 162 S.E. Pierce St. at about 5 p.m. Wednesday.

He was taken into custody without incident.

Svoboda, 28, is being held at the Clackamas County Jail on accusations of possession of methamphetamine, manufacturing methamphetamine within 1,000 feet of a school, distributing marijuana within 1,000 feet of a school and an outstanding warrant for possession of methamphetamine. He his being held on $140,000 bond.

To serve the search warrant at the residence, Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office spokesman Detective Jim Strovink said there were a large number of law enforcement units involved, including members of the Oregon National Guard, a Clackamas County Sheriff explosive devise unit, SWAT team members, K-9 units, detectives and officers from the West Linn Police Department. The arrest was the result of an ongoing Interagency Task Force investigation into drug sales at the home.

Strovink said investigators had reason to believe Svoboda had fortified the house and that was the reason for the large number of law enforcement officers.

“They came well equipped to meet the demand, but he was taken into custody without incident,” Strovink said. “We received a great deal of complaints and tips that this is an active drug house and it is what the Interagency Task Force is designed to do – to target these types of criminal operations.”

Strovink said a woman at the residence was detained, but was not arrested.

Svoboda’s arraignment is scheduled for Thursday afternoon.

Because alleged drug sales were such a problem at the residence, several neighbors and residents clapped and cheered as the warrant was served.

“We want to thank the neighbors and the citizens of Estacada that brought this problem to us,” Strovink said. “They didn’t want this type of suspected criminal activity in their neighborhood, and as a result, we were able to effectively serve the warrant that was conducted yesterday.”

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