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WARNING – the following excerpts contain crude vulgar language and a gruesome description of a brutal murder.

On the evening of Sunday, April 17, a group of close teenagers met at a friend’s house in the wooded backroads of central Florida as they usually do every evening to chat, flirt, gossip and do drugs. But this night was darker. They planned revenge on a friend’s ex-lover, 15-year-old Seath Jackson.

The next day, on April 18, one of Jackson’s friends, Brittnay Jones noted on her Facebook page that she is in a relationship and expecting a child. She wrote that she was bored but was concerned that no one had heard from Jackson. She pleaded for information on him. “If anyone hears from or sees Seath Tyler Jackson please let me know asap! He is missing and he could be hurt. So please if you hear anything let me know!” The same day she received a reply from “Judd Fore” that her friend had been killed the day before. Finally, on April 20 she posted the following message, “Seath Tyler Jackson you were like my little brother and i love you so much. You were and uhMazing friend and you will never be forgotten ♥”.

By linking the Facebook pages of Jackson and his friends, a pattern of coarse language, blatant sexual banter, drug use, and violent threats emerged. Jackson and most of his friends are white, but wrote text messages in the style of the hip-hop artists they listened to. They frequently wrote of how bored they were.

In the months leading to his murder, Seath established an amorous relationship with Amber Wright. He stayed throughout the day and late into the night at different friend’s homes smoking marijuana and texting his friends through Facebook about how high he was and invited them to hit him up if they wanted to smoke with him. On March 14 at 9:17pm Jackson wrote, “Chillin at the hous with amber and kyle bored as shit.” On March 15 at 9:13pm, “Bored as fuck hared rock this weekend going to fuck some shit up hit me up if you got a bike an wunt to go.” On March 21 at 1:40pm, “smokeing on the d nigga you wish culd have this shit.” On March 22 at 11:31am, “Chilin at mikes hous bored and wunt to smoke so green.”

In early March, Jackson wrote “damn i all ready miss my bbyg love you amber,” but by the end of the month, things with 15-year-old Amber Wright had soured as she segued into a relationship with another youth. Seath was now an outcast.

In a cryptic message on March 23, Seath wrote, “Hell naw it ant fuck him nigger we going tp shot thim all one dY or we just going to hang thim like the good old dYs yeah i sed it on favebook fuck niggers go back to whT you wher doing picin cottin.” Seath’s friend, Chelsea Renee’, replied, “what the hell?”

On March 28, Seath posted that he’s single. Then on March 30 at 10:22pm, he wrote, “have her mike fagggo bitch boy.” Sixteen minutes later, Heather Moore asked, “Bargo?” The next day Seath replied, “yeah that pussy lol he wuldint fight me.” Moore replied, “I hate that boy. He’s a POS.”

Seath’s posts became darker. He spent the next few days getting wasted and on April 7th, ranted on Facedbook, “hello everbody my name is amber wight and i smoke meth everday i love the stuff it makes me jizzzzzzzzz in my pants aka im a slut.”

Things continue to unravel as Jackson banters about his rage over Amber’s betrayal, knowing she and his former friends will see it. On April 7, Jackson posts about Amber, “shit how she a slut bc she cheated on me the hole fucking time we wher together with some 19 year old tell me that aint some fuck sit rite ther,” while minutes later Haley Kuttner (another Facebook regular) posted, “ Yeah. That is some fuck shit.”

Amber then accuses Jackson of violence as the schoolyard taunts and hurts fly electronically on the web. She writes in response to Jackson, “See just like i ssaid. Seath stop being childish! And how the fuck did i cheat on yuu the whole time. When i pretty much lived with yuuu when we were together. I was wit yuu 24 fucking 7. So stop tlking shit! Thats all yuu know how to do is get drama started. And how am i a hoe? What bc i dumped yuu bc i got fed up wit yuu throughing me into walls? I was tired of yuu calling me a cunt and a whore everyday? I go tired of yuu treating me like i was nothing! If yuur so fucking perfect why dont yuu get over the jealousy yuu have and get yuurself a new girl yuu can fucking hurt! Bc im sure enough done. Oh and about the cheating thing, yuur the one that fucking cheated on me wit gill the whole time and didnt say anything till hmm 3 fucking moths later. Yuu know i fucking cared deeply about yuu. I stuck wit yuu through a lot of shit. But now yuu wanna sit here and trash tlk me to ppl that dont know me? And the funny thing is yuu know im not a fucking hoe. But yuu continuously have something new to say about me!!”

But it is in exchanges with friend Justin Brown that violent ideation directed towards Mike Bargo re-emerges. In between the replies of Amber and Seath, Brown posted, “Yu can do better anyways nigga she tryen 2 get wit that fuck boy soft ass bitch,” then later “Hey look yall my dog dont give a fuck about that bitch, And that faggot dude mike she is with needs 2 quit being a scared lil bitch and fight.”

Jackson writes, “oooooo thats my dogg bro shit its going down fryday if he wunts it or not,” as Brown eggs him on, “Fuck yea steal off on that pussy nigga,” and later, “Nigga is 19 and softer that a motherfucker haha gonna get whopped by my bro who is 14.Yu my nigga man.”

Over the next few days, Jackson continued to smoke pot, wrote about getting a tattoo, and took an online drug test. “Bored as fuck got to take this test online for my drugg probs this shit sucks.” Seath wrote a final post on Monday, April 11 that said, “shit girl you thank im going to trip over you you got that shit bint all up bc no bitch is wherth tripin over inless you really love that her but you will allways finde someone better.”

Six days later, Seath’s former friends, Amber Wright and her new boyfriend Mike Bargo, Justin Soto (20), Charlie Ely (18), and Kyle Hooper (16) (who is Amber Wright’s brother) met in the evening at Charlie’s house, which she shared with Bargo and Soto. The discussion quickly turned to Seath Jackson. Bargo, who has a single tattoo teardrop below each eye, spoke about his hatred for Seath. The conversation turned into a plot to kill Seath.

But before they called Seath, they built a bonfire in the backyard.

Amber and Charlie called and left repeated text messages for Seath to meet with Amber. They finally met him outside while Bargo and Hooper hid in a spare bedroom. But Amber and Charlie went back into the house without Seath. According to a statement that Hooper gave to the police, Bargo was enraged and demanded that Amber and Charlie bring Seath to the house. Amber then texted Seath on his cellphone who soon arrived.and successfully lured him inside the house so the plan could be carried out.

When Seath entered the house, Bargo and Hooper immediately exited the room where they were hiding and bum-rushed him. Hooper and Justin Soto struck him with a wooden object. Bargo then brandished a .22 calibre revolver and shot Seath at least four times. Seath tried to flea but Soto tackled and restrained him, then struck him with an axe handle. Bargo told Soto to get out of the way, according to the report, and continued to shoot Jackson.

They then took his inert body to a bathroom tub. Bargo broke his kneecaps with a metal cylindrical object to be able to put his body into a sleeping bag but at some point they realized that Seath was still alive. Bargo put another bullet into his body, then was able to successfully hog-tie him and stuff him inside a sleeping bag. They then placed Seath onto the fire that was already burning for the purpose of cremating him.

Amber Wright told police that she helped to clean up the blood in the house with bleach while the body was reduced to ash. Hooper told police that Bargo used a shovel to scrape the ashes out of the fire pit and into several five-gallon paint cans. They then stored the paint cans on the property where Bargo later took them to an abandoned lime quarry.

Neighbors told a local television station they saw the bonfire and heard the gunshots, but mistook it for ‘kids being kids’ who were playing with firecrackers.

On April 18th, the day after Seath’s murder, his parents filed a missing-person’s report, explaining that he may have run away. They had no contact with him since the day of his murder.

The next day, Tracey Wright, Amber’s and Kyle’s mother, took Kyle to the sheriff’s office after Kyle told her he personally witnessed Seath’s murder.

Police arrested the teens involved, including Amber Wright’s and Kyle Hooper’s step-father James Y. Havens III, who confessed to assisting Bargo and Soto in disposing of Jackson’s remains, knowing the crime had taken place. The 37-year-old Havens assisted Bargo to escape and was also aware of the teenagers’ conspiracy to kill Jackson.

Amber Wright, Charlie Kay Ely, Michael S. Bargo, Justin Soto, and Kyle Hooper are charged with first-degree murder in Marion County. James Havens stands charged with accessory to first-degree murder.

When Mike Bargo was arrested and brought to jail, he flashed a peace sign to the camera.

Friends of Seath Jackson are circulating a petition on Facebook calling for the death penalty for those accused of his murder.

The last post on Seath’s Facebook page came on April 20 by Cindy Mattern, who wrote “Rest in Peace”, four days after his death.

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