LaBelle’s Thomas McGill Arrested Again

Posted: 29th April 2011 by Doc in Uncategorized

LABELLE, FL. — Thomas William McGill, 30 has been arrested again. This time charged with two counts of dealing in stolen property, trafficking in amphetamines or methamphetamine over 14 grams, and possession of drug paraphernalia.

He was charged on April 20th and arraignment will be before Judge Nickolas Thompson on June 21st at 8:30 in LaBelle. McGill has been classified as indigent by the Hendry Clerk’s office and has been appointed a public defender to represent him.

McGill is a many times convicted thief and drug abuser, last convicted for theft November 2010, and another theft conviction from May 2004 along with a conviction for giving a false ID to law enforcement officers. In September 2003 he was convicted of dealing in stolen property and possession of marijuana.

In July 2002, he had 2 convictions for burglary, theft and dealing in stolen property, possession of cocaine and resisting officer with violence.

  1. Jessi says:

    This is Bullshit.. Who the hell do you think you are. This website is a joke. It is funny until someone you care about is faced with an addiction…So until you know a person or you have walked in there shoes you should keep your ignorant opinions to yourself…. Thomas is a great person who has made some wrong choices.