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MARION COUNTY, Fla. – Six people are under arrest, charged with the horrific murder of a 15-year-old Marion County boy.

Deputies say Seath Tyler Jackson was lured to a home in Summerfield, near Ocala, Sunday night by text messages.

According to reports, Jackson’s ex-girlfriend, 15-year-old Amber Wright, texted him non-stop, telling him she wanted to get back together. Detectives said the messages were part of a plan to lure Jackson to the home.

Once inside the home, Jackson was hit in the head with wooden objects and then shot multiple times with a .22 caliber handgun, according to deputies.

Still alive, he tried to flee, but was tackled and shot again.

The boy was placed in a bathtub where Bargo succeeded in breaking the teen’s knees. While he was attempting to break the boy’s leg’s, he showed signs of life and was shot again, according to the report.

Jackson’s body was placed in a sleeping bag, placed in a pit and set on fire. His remains, reduced to bone fragments and ashes, were shoveled into five-gallon paint cans, investigators said.

The following day, Jackson’s parent reported him missing, thinking he may have run away.

On Tuesday, a woman told deputies her 16-year-old son was a witness to Jackson’s murder.

Six people were subsequently arrested. Charlie Kay Ely, 18, Michael S. Bargo, 18, Amber E. Wright, 15, Justin Soto, 20, and Kyle Hooper, 16, are charged with first-degree murder. James Haven, 37, is charged with accessory after the fact to first-degree murder.

According to, Bargo may have been the mastermind behind the killing. He wanted to kill the boy because he “hated Jackson.” Of those charged, Bargo is the only suspect who has been arrested before, according to records.

It is believed five of the suspects, Bargo, Hooper, Soto, Wright and Ely planned the murder. Hooper was the one who said he witnessed the killing, deputies said.

Haven knew about the murder plot and helped dispose of the boy’s remains. He then gave Bargo a ride to Starke to elude capture, according to deputies.

Bargo was captured by Bradford County deputies.

As of early Wednesday afternoon, the boy’s remains nor the murder weapon had not been found.

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