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BARTLESVILLE, Okla. – A Drug Task Force raid on a suspected meth house in Bartlesville on Monday got two parents arrested and their children taken away by the Department of Human Services.

Officials entering the house found needles scattered throughout the house and suspected one-pot method meth labs all over the property.

Carl Gene Hairgrove, 35, is charged with possession of methamphetamine, manufacturing methamphetamine, possession of a firearm while in commission of a felony and child endangerment.

Bethany Marie Hairgrove, 25, faces charges of possession of methamphetamine, manufacturing methamphetamine, child endangerment and possession of drug proceeds.

According to the affidavit, at around 3 p.m., officials with the 11th Judicial Drug Task Force were requested to meet a Department of Human Services worker at a residence on the 100 block of N. Bucy It was suspected drug use and manufacturing of methamphetamine activities were taking place at the home in presence of three children living at the residence.

Given permission by Bethany to enter the home to check the welfare of the children, telling her she having been given a report of methamphetamine activity at the home, the DHS worker entered the home with the two officers.

Upon entering, officials noticed two children in the home, a boy about two years old and a girl about six months of age.

Walking into a bedroom, they saw a one-gallon chemical sprayer, coffee filters, a wrapper from an instant cold pack and a propane torch, all indicating manufacturing of methamphetamine by the “shake and bake” or “one pot” method.

The officials spoke to Carl to gain his consent to search the home but after not obtaining the permission, the officials left and returned at 4:15 p.m. with a search warrant.

Bearing the warrant, they found the sprayer in the bedroom was a gas generator used to cook meth and found an additional generator behind it. A search of the rest of the room turned up two apparent spent 2-liter meth labs, one 2-liter in process, multiple zip-lock bags containing white residue and, also in the room, a number of items commonly used to manufacture meth.

They also found a pistol between the mattresses in the bedroom. 70 syringes were found located throughout the residence as well, said the report.

Officials then entering the kitchen discovered among other items, five resealable baggies containing coffee filter sand white residue, and also in the kitchen, a 2-liter bottle meth lab.

According to the report, the children had been turned over to a family friend by DHS when officers placed the parents under arrest. Before Bethany was transported to the Washington County jail, Carl told officials he had given her a baggie of meth and Lortabs to hide in her bra. A female officer later arriving to the scene took the items from the location specified.

A search of a vehicle on the property turned up four 2-liter bottles. In the back yard in trash bags officials found, among other material indicating meth cooking activity, three 2-liter bottles containing sludge and another three bottles bearing a “liquid substance,” said the report.

In Washington County District Court on Tuesday, the judge set the bonds of the two Hairgroves at $250,000 for Carl and $100,000 for Bethany. He ordered both to return to court for May 4.

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