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The Cloquet woman implicated in a razor attack on a male acquaintance last Friday was described by her attorney as “extremely delusional” at her arraignment in Carlton County Court on Tuesday.

Amber Rae Stonemark, 26, faces felony charges of second-degree attempted murder and second-degree assault as well as a misdemeanor charge of obstructing the legal process in the alleged assault.

Jeremy Downs of the Northeast Minnesota Public Defender’s office represented Stonemark at Tuesday’s hearing, stating that Stonemark has “some very serious mental issues” and explaining that she suffers from schizophrenia and possibly other mental health conditions. He said she was released from treatment just 10 days before the incident occurred. He further added that she has been on the antipsychotic drug Stelazine, used in the treatment of schizophrenia, though he said she has apparently not been on the medication in recent days.

Stonemark allegedly assaulted Chaz Dean Farleigh, 25, with a straight-edge folding razor following a domestic dispute between the two, causing severe injuries to his face, neck, ear and lower right leg and resulting in hospitalization.

Downs argued before Judge Dale Wolf that Stonemark’s condition requires she be placed in a mental health facility rather than in jail so she can get the help she needs.

“That’s what she wants and that’s what her family wants,” said Downs.

Judge Wolf asked if any of Stonemark’s family was present at the arraignment and her mother came forward, stating that Stonemark has had various commitments for mental health issues over the past year. Since Stonemark’s recent release from the AnokaCare program, she said her daughter is currently supposed to be monitored through the Intensive Community Supervision (ICS) program of Carlton County Human Services, inferring that the monitoring has not been taking place.

County Attorney Thom Pertler said that he has spoken with Pam Brumfeld of ICS and she verified that Stonemark has indeed been monitored through the program and that “they have done everything they can for her.”

Though Pertler acknowledged that motions regarding Stonemark’s care may well be part of subsequent legal proceedings, he said the severity of her crime needs to be taken under


He thereby requested that Judge Wolf impose $250,000 bail on Stonemark.

“I’m looking at it from a public safety standpoint,” said Pertler. “We have a victim who could very well have been killed.”

Judge Wolf acknowledged the concerns of both attorneys, applauding the actions of Cloquet police officers for their fast-thinking actions in preventing what could have been a much more serious outcome. He then ordered a no contact order between Stonemark and Farleigh and set bail at $55,000 (or $5,500 cash).

Stonemark, who remains in custody at the Carlton County Jail, is scheduled for her next court appearance at 9 a.m. Wednesday, May 11.

According to the complaint filed in the case, at 11:28 p.m. on Friday, April 29, Cloquet police were dispatched to a home on the 900 block of Carlton Avenue West after reports of a fight on the steps at the back of the residence.

Sgt. Carey Ferrell of the Cloquet Police Department happened to be in the vicinity at the time and responded within a minute’s time. There, he came upon a female covered in blood and wielding an old-style straight-edge folding razor, trying to stab a male individual lying on his back, later identified as Farleigh, on the stairway of the back deck of the home. Ferrell noticed blood on the left side of Farleigh’s face, neck and ear, and he could also see a large cut and blood on the victim’s lower right leg. Stonemark was holding the knife in her right hand and had it raised over her right shoulder as Farleigh pleaded with Ferrell to get Stonemark to drop her blade.

When Ferrell ordered the suspect to drop the knife as he approached, she refused and stated, “I’m Jesus Christ, I’m going to kill him and send him for eternity to the devil.” She then started to motion with her arm and body towards the victim, at which point Ferrell tased her in the chest from a distance of about six feet.

Other officers then arrived at the scene to assist with the arrest, and when they asked Stonemark to identify herself, she stated, “You do not recognize me. I am Jesus Christ your Savior.” The knife was then seized from her and she was taken into custody and transported to the Carlton County Law Enforcement Center, where she reportedly remained in a state of rage. At one point during the booking process she reportedly became physically combative and had to be subdued and placed in an isolation cell in order to prevent her from harming anyone.

According to Cloquet Police Department Detective Darrin Berg, authorities were unable to interview Stonemark at that time due to her state of mind.

“She was very agitated,” said Berg. “There was, no doubt, something going on in regard to her mental state. Whether it was due to drugs or some sort of medication, we do not know at that time.”

The victim was transported by ambulance to Community Memorial Hospital, where he was treated for his injuries and released on Sunday, May 1. He was interviewed by Ferrell at the Cloquet Police Department at 7:15 p.m. that same day.

“He said he was very scared [at the time of the incident] and that he thought he was going to die when Stonemark freaked out on him,” reported Berg. “He said he had to fight for his life.”

Police learned that Stonemark was renting an apartment on nearby Laurel Street in Cloquet’s west end. Farleigh told police that he had gone to the residence just prior to the assault and noticed that Stonemark was in possession of methamphetamine and hypodermic needles and syringes in her apartment. He claimed he flushed the controlled substance down the sink and destroyed the needles, at which time he said Stonemark became irate and attacked him with the razor.

Farleigh said Stonemark succeeded in slicing him with the straight-edge razor before he escaped from the apartment and began running.

The fleeing victim ultimately ended up on the deck of the home at Carlton Avenue West, where the homeowners were just putting their small child to bed.

“The male resident reported he heard screaming,” said Berg, “and when he looked through the kitchen window, he saw a woman straddling a guy on the deck with a razor in her hand. The neighbors had heard it, too, and they came over and tried to stop her while one of the residents called 911.”

Berg said the homeowners stated they had never seen either of the two before.

Neither Stonemark nor Farleigh are strangers to law enforcement. Both have numerous charges on their records and both were implicated in a late-night incident on March 14, 2007, resulting in the alleged assault and robbery of a 65-year-old Cloquet man.

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