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Prosecutors on Thursday charged four people with kidnapping, maiming and assault in the case where an Oklahoma City man had “RAPEST” forcibly tattooed on his forehead.

The most severe count — assault and battery by means likely to cause death — is punishable by up to life in prison.

Charged are Richard “Buddha” Lynn Dellert, 31, of Irving, Texas; Zachary “Texas” Chase Provence, 21, of Midwest City; Kimberly Sue “Luckie” Kirchler, 25, of Midwest City; and Lorena Amanda Hodges, 33, of Oklahoma City.

All four have been in jail since April 26.

Kirchler also is known by the last name Vergara, according to the criminal charge.

Prosecutors allege the four confined Stetson Johnson, 18, at a southeast Oklahoma City house April 17 and there tattooed “RAPEST” on his head and “I like little boys” on his chest. Prosecutors allege they then took him to a Del City lake and repeatedly struck him there with a baseball bat.

He later crawled and walked to a trailer park. Johnson told police he had been “left for dead,” according to a court affidavit.

“The tattoos were fresh and still had blood coming from them,” a police detective reported.

Johnson spent days in intensive care at a hospital after the beating. He said Thursday afternoon he had just completed a CT scan of his head at the hospital. “It’s still got swelling,” he said.

Johnson has covered up “RAPEST,” apparently a misspelling of “rapist,” with a tattoo designed to look like a bar code. His mother said he will have the tattoos on his forehead and chest removed.

The two women admitted to police they used stun guns to shock Johnson’s genitals during the tattooing, police reported. Prosecutors and police said Hodges claimed Johnson tried to have sex with her.

Police said there was no evidence to support her claim. Johnson’s mother, Lucy Ford, said, “He didn’t do anything.”

The unusual case has attracted widespread attention and offers of help have been made from across the nation. Oklahoma County’s first assistant district attorney, Scott Rowland, said he is willing to talk to those who want to help Johnson, beginning Wednesday.

Provence has been arrested before, on Dec. 15. Police reported he admitted stealing from cars. He is charged with burglary and possession of stolen property.

Kirchler was arrested in 2004 after Midwest City police reported finding her in possession of methamphetamine. She received a five-year deferred sentence.

Hodges also got a five-year deferred sentence after pleading guilty to attempting to obtain drugs with a bogus prescription.

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