More suspicious liquid discovered

Posted: 9th May 2011 by Doc in Uncategorized
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HOLYOKE – Another plastic milk container was found containing an unknown liquid Friday, prompting authorities to close part of Lyman Street for 90 minutes.

Fire Department Lt. Thomas G. Paquin said tests so far are inconclusive as to whether the liquid is the same as the chemical that was found in more than a dozen containers around the city last week and prompted responses from hazardous-materials teams.

Authorities believe the liquid in the plastic milk jugs last week could be a byproduct from the illegal production of methamphetamine, a stimulant drug that can lead to addiction and brain damage.

That byproduct can be dangerous if someone touches or smells it, so officials urged people who find unfamiliar containers on their property or on sidewalks to call police at (413) 322-6900.

The container found Friday was outside at 70 Lyman St., and the regional hazardous-materials team and other public safety personnel responded about noon, Paquin said.

The state Department of Environmental Protection took the container and is testing the liquid, he said.

Interim Police Chief Frederick J. Seklecki said the investigation is ongoing into the jugs and whether methamphetamine is being made here or nearby.

“There are some things that we’re looking into,” Seklecki said.

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