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Lincoln County Circuit Court Judge Sheryl Bachart sentenced John Sorn Larsen, 40, to 30 years in prison on Feb. 18 after a jury had found him guilty of serial sexual assault and against multiple victims as well as other chargers.

The trial exposed an even darker side to the danger methamphetamine poses to the community. While Drug Facilitated Sexual Assault (DFSA) is the signature practice of many serial rapists, such drugs are typically used to induce a state of near-stupor, making it impossible for the victim to resist. But few prosecutions are undertaken against rapists who use the victim’s own addiction to meth to facilitate sexual assault. Methamphetamine addiction is usually not met with sympathy or understanding, and the victims are unlikely to report the attacks to law enforcement.

“This case harshly depicts the terrible risks to a less sympathetic, but highly vulnerable, population – women so addicted to meth that they have accepted sexual assault as a fact of their lives,” Lincoln County District Attorney Rob Bovett said.

The prevailing myth is that meth-addicted women are a separate class of victim – those who will not be believed, and not be protected, Bovett said.

“That myth has created a new class of predator, virtually free to rape at will,” Bovett said. “It is our hope that the conviction of John Sorn Larsen shatters that myth.”

Larsen was convicted on multiple counts of rape, sexual abuse, assault, kidnapping and coercion.

The incidents occurred in January, March and May of last year and involved two different women, both members of his household at the time.

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