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Aiken County, SC —
A month-long investigation by the Aiken County Sheriff’s Office Narcotics Division into the illegal manufacturing of Methamphetamine and distribution of Controlled Substances has resulted in the arrest of five men.

Thomas Christopher Lovelace, Robert Lee Williams, Aljawan Martice Hennings, David Lee Hennings, and David Joseph Bargstedt have all been taken into custody on various charges.

Thomas Christopher Lovelace, 37 of Colt Road in Warrenville: 1 Count Manufacturing Methamphetamine, 1 Count Possession Methamphetamine, 1 Count of Unlawful Disposal of Methamphetamine Waste, and 1 Count of altered or adulterated ephedrine / pseudoephedrine pills.
Robert Lee Williams, 39 of Swamp Road in Beech Island: 1 Count Manufacturing Marijuana, 1 Count Possession Marijuana, and 1 Count Possession of Drug Paraphernalia.
Aljawan Martice Hennings, 21 of Swamp Road in Beech Island: 1 Outstanding Arrest warrant for Assault & Battery.
David Lee Hennings, 24 of Swamp Road in Beech Island: 1 Count Possession of Marijuana.
David Joseph Bargstedt, 30 of Old Trail Road in Beech Island: 1 Count Possession Methamphetamine and 1 Count Possession Marijuana.
ACSO Investigators conducted search warrants on 4 separate residences in the Beech Island and Warrenville areas. Items seized in the search include: a Browning 7.65MM semi-auto pistol, 7- Marijuana Plants, a quantity of marijuana, as well as numerous items used in the illegal manufacture of Methamphetamine.

The Aiken County Sheriff’s Office has outstanding warrents on two men connected with Friday’s narcotics bust.

Ricky Nelson Drayton, 51 of Swamp Road in Beech Island: 2 Counts Distribution of Crack Cocaine, 2 Counts Distribution of Crack Cocaine within ½ mile County Park, and 1 Count Distribution of Marijuana.
Bernard Maloyd/Drayton, 40 of Swamp Road in Beech Island: 1 Count Attempted Distribution Crack Cocaine.–ar-1840113/

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