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BANGKOK, May 22 – Three Iranians were detained at Suvarnabhumi Airport for allegedly smuggling crystal methamphetamine or ‘ice’ weighing 5.2 kilogrammes altogether and worth more than 15 million baht (US $ 500,000).

Mr Farshad lashgari, Mr Mehrad Ghorbani and Mr Abbas Mahtab were arrested at Suvarnabhumi Airport with 2.66 kilogrammes, 1.39 kilogrammes and 1.21 kilogrammes of ice respectively.

They allegedly smuggled the drug from Syria to deliver to some customers in Thailand and neighbouring countries.

The packages of the illegal drug were hidden in a specially-made compartment of each rucksack belonging to the suspects.

The trio confessed that they were hired $ 2,300 each to smuggle the “ice” and they did not know each other before.

An initial investigation found the three Iranians were hired by the same drug syndicate and they were also found travelling in and out neighbouring countries of Thailand several times.

The three men were initially charged with possessing illicit drugs for sale and illegally smuggling it into the kingdom.

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