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Parents of a 14 month old baby admitted to police that they had been on a methamphetamine binge for days,

leaving their 14 month old infant to fend for himself in a crib in a separate room. Longview, Texas police were alerted when the father, 34 year old Jason Wayne Beasley, proceeded to run amok around his Longview neighborhood, asking neighbors to call the police because he believed someone was trying to kill his wife. He was reportedly firing off a gun, stabbing the air and trying to take down imaginary people in his home where his baby was. When police arrived, they had a difficult time trying to waken the baby’s mother, 27 year old Misty Ann Rhodes. She was apparently in a drug induced stupor.

Apparently the couples baby was in another room but had no other caregiver to look after him while his parents were taking meth. Police also found over 5 grams of narcotics in the couple’s home. The baby’s condition is currently unknown.

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