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Seven people were arrested at a house in Southside after the Etowah County Drug Enforcement Unit got a tip that methamphetamine was being made and sold there, Rob Savage, commander of the drug unit, said.

Agents went to the house on Hall Street about 3:30 p.m. Tuesday after getting the tip. The owner, Jerry Dean Black Jr., 38, gave them permission to search inside, agent Eric Roebuck said.

During the search, agents found a meth lab and a Mason jar full of white liquid that tested positive for meth, Roebuck said. The meth was being made in a Thermos jug and appeared to have just been finished.

There also was evidence of older meth labs that had been thrown in the trash that ranged from 2-liter to 20-ounce size bottles.

Several needles and spoons also were found.

A 6-inch pipe bomb also was found in the house. It appeared to have been made from metal shot from shotgun shells and gun powder.

The Etowah County Sheriff’s Office Arson Task Force responded. Ray Cumby, a deputy state fire marshal who is a member of the arson task force, called the Gadsden Police Department’s bomb squad to retrieve the pipe bomb, analyze the components and document the evidence.

The bomb squad is expected to dispose of the pipe bomb.

Black owned the house, but the others apparently were living there, Roebuck said.

Black and Edward Cooley, 42; Joshua Smith, 27; Johnny Jolley, 25; Todd McClendon, 27; Kayla Schoenlein, 19; and Amanda Moore, 23, were charged with first-degree manufacturing of meth.

Smith is expected to be charged with manufacturing an explosive device.

Jolley is a convicted sex offender and is registered to live at the Hall Street address, but possible parole violation charges against him are pending, Southside Police Chief Tim Diggs said.

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