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A woman found driving a mobile methamphetamine lab with her infant son in the car is going to prison for at least 20 months.

Jackson County Circuit Judge John McBain sentenced Elizabeth Rickman, 20, today to prison for 20 months to 20 years for maintaining a lab in the presence of a child.

She was caught Dec. 6 near Francis Street and Homewild Avenue in Jackson with a plastic bag of meth and materials indicative of a lab in the car. Her boyfriend’s son, then 8 months old, was behind the passenger seat.

“I am very remorseful,” she told the judge today.

Her lawyer, Wendell Jacobs, said a neighbor introduced her to methamphetamine while she was a teenager and the drug sent her on a “downward spiral.”

“She realizes the problem the drug has caused her and her children,” Jacobs said.

Rickman also has an older daughter born of another relationship who was not with her in the vehicle. The girl is in her father’s care, and the boy, now a little more than 1 year old, is with an aunt, Rickman told McBain. By court order signed since Rickman’s arrest, she is not to see the children.

John Burlew, 30, the boy’s father, also was in the car, and is awaiting trial. Rickman is not going to testify, Assistant Prosecutor Jared Hopkins said today.

“Frankly, I think your children are a lot better off with relative placement than they are with you and your fiancé,” McBain told Rickman.

The judge called methamphetamine a serious community problem. “This is such an enormously toxic drug.”

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