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An active methamphetamine lab in the pole barn isn’t exactly a selling point for most real estate agents. But that is exactly what one local real estate agent found in the pole barn of a house for sale at 622 Edgewood St.

The agent, who was unavailable for comment, reported two people staying in the pole barn of the house to police at 12:15 p.m. Thursday.

Jackson police officers responded and found the individuals sleeping there along with various components of a methamphetamine lab, Deputy Chief John Holda said. The foreclosed house was up for sale through Fannie Mae, he said.

Officers arrested a 36-year-old Jackson man, who was staying in the barn, on an unrelated outstanding warrant, Holda said.

Lt. Dave Cook, a Jackson Narcotics Enforcement Team detective, was called to the scene to gather and process the meth lab components.

JNET is leading the investigation.

Officials recovered Coleman fuel, drain cleaner, lye, fertilizer sticks, two one pot meth labs that were actively cooking as well as other items commonly used to produce methamphetamine, Cook said.

Police also found off-white powder substance which could be enough meth for potential charges to include possession of meth and possession with intent to distribute, Cook said. There were clothes, a bed, a dresser and other personal items found in the barn leading officials to believe the people were living there, he said.

ERA Reardon Realty agent Meredythe Hill is listed as the agent for the house but was not at the showing when the people were discovered.

The house will come off the market while the area is cleaned, Hill said. Copper pipe also was removed from the house but it is unknown if the meth lab suspects are responsible, she said.

The house, listed at $25,000, only was on the market for less than a month and there were showings every week, Hill said. It is common practice to show the pole barn to potential buyers at every showing, she said.

“I don’t know how they could have escaped detection,” Hill said.

She said she has never heard of a meth lab being found in a house managed by ERA Reardon Realty.

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