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Huixtla (CNNMéxico) – Military and federal police dismantled a drug lab in the city of Huixtla, Chiapas, about 60 kilometers from the border between Mexico and Guatemala. The site had about 2.5 tons of methamphetamine, authorities reported.

This is the first synthetic drug lab found in Chiapas and the largest in the Southeast, according to military personnel.

The elements of the Secretariat of National Defense (SEDENA) entered a farm of about 10 hectares in the morning on Sunday and found a group of armed people, but they fled.

The soldiers and staff of Attorney General of the Republic (PGR) reviewed the site and discovered 18 drums with 200 gallons of methamphetamine and 500 drums containing a liquid chemical precursor.

They also found 1.5 tons of drugs and a ton prepared and packaged for distribution, according to the preliminary count conducted by personnel of the PGR.

The lab had the capacity to house 50 people , had toilets, tents and kitchens.

Laboratory chemical waste were dumped in the river Huixtla , which is supplying the inhabitants of the area and is used for livestock and crops, officials said.

The population of the area devoted to growing sugar cane for the mill Huixtla, livestock production and cultivation of fruits and exotic flowers.

The federal government launched the National Security Strategy to combat organized crime and in particular drug trafficking in December 2006. From then until December 2010 killed at least 34.612 people in violence .

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