Man arrested on methamphetamine charges

Posted: 2nd June 2011 by Doc in Uncategorized

Fred Ervin Milam, 47, of Lebanon, was arrested on methamphetamine charges on May 24, at 2945 Eighth St.

Lebanon police served a search warrant at the home at 7:55 a.m. that day in connection with an ongoing investigation.

Three adults were present at the time.

During the search of the residence, officers located paraphernalia used for smoking and selling methamphetamine including several smoking devices which contained small amounts of methamphetamine.

Milam, who lives at the home, was transported to the Lebanon Justice Center, where he was booked, and later cited and released.

Lebanon Detective Sgt. Kevin Martinez said if Milam had been charged with distribution he probably would have been held in custody.

One of the other residents of the home, Leslie Marie Hall, 45, was cited and released for frequenting a place where controlled substances are used.

The third adult was not charged.

A total of 11 officers were involved in the search.

The investigation is continuing.

  1. ervin says:

    and he is still doing it daily and the chick that was arrested is his fiance and lives there and her daughter was removed from the home long after…the continue to sell and use…she is a pill popper and not sure wether she uses meth but i know she sells her pills, she knows he does it and has for years…they have visitors all night long…they are scummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

    • ervin says:

      these people are so stupid…why is it the cops can’t do anything…they arrested him and still he continues to use and have known users at his house day and night…i did notice they didnt publish a picture of him, so what i am thinking he turned snitch…