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The woman accused of running a red light and fatally hitting an Albuquerque bicyclist was arrested and charged with vehicular homicide Tuesday.

Memori Hardwick, 20, is accused of running a red light at Washington Street and Indian School Road on May 12 slamming into Matt Trujillo, 36, who was riding his bicycle to work.

Trujillo died two weeks after the accident, succumbing to the massive injuries he sustained during the crash.

Hardwick, a self admitted methamphetamine user, told police she had been in a rush that morning because she needed to return a car she had borrowed from her friend.

According to the criminal complaint Hardwick had borrowed the car to drive to the South Valley to buy crystal methamphetamine but was unable to find any so she and a friend were on their way back to the Northeast Heights where they were to return the car.

Hardwick went on to tell police that she had dropped a lit cigarette inside the car and had looked down to find it. She said when she looked up she ran the red light, hitting Trujillo.

Hardwick then fled the scene explaining that she had panicked, thinking she killed Trujillo, and her and her friend took off scared they would go to jail for murder.

Police were able to catch up to Hardwick shortly after she fled near Constitution Avenue and La Veta Drive.

On Tuesday Hardwick was arrested and charged with vehicular homicide and leaving the scene of an accident.

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