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A sex offender once locked up in Nebraska for 18 months has confessed to a high-profile New York City sex crime that has outraged the Big Apple.

Jeffrey L. Ritter, now 32, was sentenced to 2-to-4 years imprisonment for an attempted sexual assault in Grand Island. He entered the pen in February of 2001 and was released in September of 2002.

He is now accused of sexually assaulting an elderly woman in a ritzy NYC neighborhood on Memorial Day.

Here is what the New York Daily News reported Friday:

The suspect in a vicious sex attack on an 85-year-old woman is a drifter with a transgender gal pal, a crystal meth habit and a seven-state rap sheet, cops and family said.

Cops say tattoo freak Jeffrey Ritter, 32, confessed to strong-arming the elderly woman into performing oral sex … but he denied it hours later.

The initial attack was captured by a surveillance camera. It occurred in a wealthy neighborhood at 5:40 a.m., only a few blocks from the home of Mayor Mike Bloomberg. Ritter is charged with a criminal sexual act, robbery and sexual abuse.

Ritter’s twin brother, Jeremy, said Jeffrey Ritter has drug and mental problems.

“If he can’t get sex, he’s going to take it from somebody,” Jeremy Ritter said. “I hate to say this, but there’s something wrong with him. You need to put in the newspaper that he’s sick in the head and he needs help.”

He said Jeffrey Ritter, a reputed member of the Latin Kings gang, has had a methamphetamine habit for years.

Jeffrey Ritter lived in an East New York apartment with a transgender girlfriend named Tahtianna, according to neighbors.

In August of 2000, Ritter and another man were accused of robbing Heather Marker, 23, of Grand Island and David Galvan, 16, of Central City while they sat in a vehicle in a parking lot. During the robbery, Ritter threatened to rape and kill Marker.

Authorities dropped charges of robbery and terroristic threats when Ritter agreed to plead no contest to the charge of attempted sexual assault.

Jeremy Ritter was in Grand Island at the time. He was mistakenly arrested at the same time police picked up Jeffrey Ritter’s crime partner. No charges were filed against Jeremy Ritter.

Police records show Jeffrey Ritter, who was raised in Minnesota, had been arrested in Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado Minnesota, Montana, Nebraska and North Dakota.

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