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Already doomed to die in prison, a convicted killer on Monday made a last-minute decision to take a plea deal in a related armed encounter with former Knox County Commissioner Greg “Lumpy” Lambert.

With prospective jurors waiting in the hallway, defense attorney Richard Gaines announced in Knox County Criminal Court that Kane Stackhouse would take a deal he earlier had rejected and admit he pointed a gun at Lambert in a bid to steal a getaway car from Lambert’s Clinton Highway car dealership.

As part of the deal, brokered by Gaines and Assistant District Attorney General TaKisha Fitzgerald, aggravated robbery charges were dropped. Instead, Stackhouse pleaded guilty to aggravated assault. Special Judge Jon Kerry Blackwood sentenced him to six years in prison.

The sentence is largely irrelevant since Stackhouse is already serving a life term plus 20 years for the November 2006 robbery and shooting death of truck driver David Z. Lindsey in the parking lot of a Walgreens store on Clinton Highway.

Prior court testimony has shown that Stackhouse was a 19-year-old methamphetamine addict in search of a ride to Florida when he accosted Lindsey, a Walgreens truck driver, at gunpoint and demanded the keys to Lindsey’s personal vehicle. When Lindsey instead pitched Stackhouse the key to his tractor-trailer, Stackhouse gunned him down.

Twelve hours later, the teenager showed up at Lambert’s used car lot. He initially pretended to be interested in test-driving a car and gave Lambert his driver’s license. But Fitzgerald said Stackhouse then brandished the same gun he used to kill Lindsay and pointed it at Lambert.

Lambert, who has a handgun carry permit, whipped out his own weapon and disarmed Stackhouse, who fled.

Lambert told Blackwood Monday that the encounter “changed my life” but gave his seal of approval to the plea deal. Lambert said he simply wanted to ensure that Stackhouse’s criminal record bear proof of what could have been a fatal encounter between the two men.

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