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AUMSVILLE — An Albany man was arrested Sunday morning on multiple charges including eluding a felony, reckless endangerment, possession of methamphetamine, a hit and run crash and reckless driving.

Michael Robb, 38, was arrested around 11:40 a.m. after a Traffic Safety Deputy spotted his dark green Cadillac near the intersection of Fourth Street and Olney Street in Aumsville. Robb was spotted just minutes later walking along First Street carrying paperwork for the Cadillac.

Just 20 minutes earlier, Deputy Ryan Postlewait had seen Robb speeding as he entered the northbound lane of Interstate 5 from the Delaney Road bypass in Salem.

When Robb noticed Postlewait following him, he accelerated to 118 miles per hour and continued driving north. He then turned east at Kuebler Road and sped through a red light.

Postlewait continued the pursuit but as Robb entered the town of Turner, Postlewait stopped the chase due to the amount of traffic on the road and children playing in the area posing too great of a risk.

Neighbors, who had seen a car matching the Cadillac’s description jump a sidewalk and knock over bushes, flagged down Postlewait. He then signaled other deputies in the area to start looking for the car.

Robb was picked up shortly after and has been booked at the Marion County Jail.

While investigating Robb’s background, police found he had recently traded a Honda for the Cadillac but the owner of the Cadillac later learned the Honda was stolen. The Albany Police are investigation the transaction.

Robb was found with $1,745 in cash, scales normally used for weighing drugs, small bags, and a small amount of methamphetamine. He was also wanted for an outstanding felony warrant for assault from the Linn County Court according to a press release.

He is being held without bail due to the Linn County warrant.

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