Weekend Drug Arrests in School Zone

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Brownwood Police Department (BPD) reported two arrests over the weekend with more arrests expected in connection with the distribution and delivery of methamphetamine in a drug free zone Friday, June 10, 2011.

BPD Detective Aaron Taylor began an investigation after he received information that 28-year-old Michael Caraway came to Brownwood earlier in the day with methamphetamine that he intended to distribute, according to Assistant Chief James Fuller.

Fuller reported that Taylor acted on this information and contacted Brown County Sheriff’s Office investigator Carlyle Gover who worked in cooperation with Taylor to follow up on this information.

Detective Taylor and Investigator Gover received a tip that Caraway was possibly being driven to a local convenience store, the 7-11 located at 3801 4th Street, for the purpose of delivering a quantity of methamphetamine that he intended to distribute for money, reported Fuller.

Detective Taylor and Investigator Gover then drove to the 7-11 location on 4th Street, located across the street from Woodland Heights Elementary, where they observed what they believed to be a narcotics transaction in the parking lot of the store, the report states.

“Based on their observations, Taylor and Gover approached the parking lot, identified the parties involved and then placed them under arrest after they established probable cause was present to corroborate the belief that they had just witnessed a felony criminal offense,” reported Fuller.

During this operation, a quantity of methamphetamine was seized according to BPD officials. Caraway & 17-year-old Tiffany Nicole Hamill, were arrested for the distribution of methamphetamine within a drug free zone.

“The investigation into this matter is ongoing and it is anticipated that additional suspects will be identified in the near future,” said Fuller.

Caraway was on trial last week, on a separate drug charge, which resulted in a mistrial due to a deadlocked jury.


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