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ONEIDA, N.Y. — A month-long investigation by Oneida Police culminated in a chaotic scene early Tuesday morning. City and State Police raided apartment number three at 414 Lenox Avenue in Oneida, believed to have been the site of a lab for manufacturing methamphetamine.

Oneida Police Chief David Meeker said “Three people have been taken into custody: Michael Held, age 55, Michael Held, Jr., age 27, and Dusty Woods, age 25.”

Firefighters were also a strong presence at the Lenox Avenue raid because the chemicals used to make methamphetamine are unstable and highly flammable. Meth labs can easily cause explosions and fires.

“It’s a very congested area. You got people that live on all sides of this apartment. The front the back across the street. It’s just a hazardous situation for everyone that lives nearby,” said Chief Meeker.

Neighbors and those with loved ones in the area say they are horrified at the thought of a meth lab so close to home.

Janis Milovsky, who has grandchildren in neighborhood, is outraged.

She said, “It’s frightening and it angers me. It angers me that someone’s going to just devalue the life around them so much that they would do something so dangerous in a community where they have no regard for the lives around them.”

Chief Meeker said scenes like this are all too familiar lately, as the presence of methamphetamine becomes more pervasive. He says the spread is hard to stop.

He said, “Unfortunately, it just seems like you get rid of one and another one crops up. These people teach each other how to use it and they just don’t realize how dangerous this stuff is.”

Hazmat officials on scene couldn’t comment officially as to whether or not meth had actually been cooked at this location, but they did say all the raw materials necessary for a cook were present. They say even if a cook had occurred and residue was left from that cook, once the raw materials are confiscated and taken off scene there is no further danger to neighboring buildings. Michael Held, Sr. and Dusty Woods were issued appearance tickets. Michael Held, Jr. is being held in the Madison County Jail.

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