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COOS BAY, Ore. – The night before Allen Wayne Saunders died, Malio Favalora had pulled his 38-year-old house guest from the water after the man took a dive into a slough.

Saunders had been jumpy and edgy since he started staying with Favalora, consistent with the use of methaphetamine, the Coos County district attorney said in ruling the shooting death of Saunders justifiable homicide.

Saunders had marijuana and a high amount of methamphetamine in his blood when he died the morning of April 7, 2011, the DA said.

“It is my conclusion that Mr. Saunders was intoxicated and acting delusional as a result of methamphetamine use,” DA Paul Frasier wrote. “It is clear his behavior was threatening and unlawful.”

Rewind a few hours to April 6, 2011, the night Saunders jumped into the water near Red Dike Road, he kept talking to himself and a non-existant dog – when he wasn’t talking about wishing he was with his son who died in 1999.

Early the next morning, Favalora took Saunders with him to go cut firewood.

A half mile from the house as they turned onto Shinglehouse Slough Road, Saunders got agitated. He claimed he was being stabbed – and tried to get out of the moving truck.

Favalora stopped and let Saunders get out. Favalora continued on to gather firewood as Saunders said he was going to head back home.

Instead, he walked up to a house on Shinglehouse Slough Road and started banging on the front door.

The noise woke up a man inside the house, who went to the door. Saunders asked to use the phone; the man said no and told Saunders to leave.

Instead, he kept banging on the door and throwing river rocks, cracking the glass in the door.

The man inside said he was calling police.

“Don’t call the cops!” Saunders said.

The man grabbed a .22 rifle and returned to the front door, where glass and rocks now littered the entry way. The man fired two warning shots to scare Saunders away.

Instead, Saunders dove through the remains of the metal and glass door into the living room.

The man shot Saunders in the chest, killing him.

Before that moment, the two had never met.

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