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Sounds like a slow learner to me …

YOUNGSTOWN — A man who was burned after a Youngstown meth lab explosion in 2009 was arrested Friday in connection with a meth manufacturing operation, according to the Bay County Sheriff’s Office.

Eric Willerson, 32, 12209 Hutchison Blvd., Panama City Beach, was charged with conspiracy to manufacture methamphetamine.

In July 2009, Willerson was burned when a “shake and bake” style meth lab exploded in a home in Youngstown. Authorities said he was burned while trying to help another person in the home who was fully engulfed in flames from the explosion. Also present in the home were several of Willerson’s children, none of whom were injured.

Although he was initially charged in connection with the incident, the charges against Willerson were eventually dropped after his children testified that Willerson was with them in another room when the explosion happened.

On Friday, BSCO narcotics officers working on an investigation discovered Willerson and Shana Diaz in possession of Coleman fuel and ephedrine, both key components to making methamphetamine, BCSO said. It was unknown where Friday’s arrest was made. Diaz, 32, 9005 Hornbill Drive, Youngstown, was charged with conspiracy to manufacture methamphetamine.

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