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A 43-year-old Bath woman who plied a teenage boy with drugs and then sexually assaulted him will spend the next three to seven years in state prison.

Theresa Kasznicki admitted giving the teen, who was friends with one of her children, drugs and then taking him to her room where they had sex. Northampton County Judge Stephen Baratta said Kasznicki admitted regular marijuana, alcohol, prescription medication and methamphetamine abuse in her pre-sentencing interview. She also admitted to hosting parties for kids and using drugs with them.

Kasznicki also bragged about having sex with the boy to a co-worker at Guardian Life Insurance, according to court papers, and was fired. She worked for the company for 23 years, she said in court.

“You truly are a perpetrator,” Baratta told Kasznicki. “You are a sexual predator. It’s clear. You groomed this young man and bragged about it later. Not good. Not good.”

She pleaded guilty to solicitation to commit involuntary deviate sexual assault, statutory sex assault and endangering the welfare of children and today was sentenced by Baratta to 42 to 84 months in state prison.

“This criminal episode will destroy your life,” Baratta said.

Kasznicki was not considered a sexual predator after a court-ordered evaluation, Baratta said. The judge said he disagreed with the report’s finding.

Baratta also noted that people draw distinct differences between how they treat female and male perpetrators of sexual assault and female and male victims. Baratta wondered aloud if a man who did what Kasznicki admitted to would have faced more outrage, and been labeled a sexual predator.

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