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Who ever said that meth heads – or meth “chemists” were smart??

MENDON ā€” The theft of a 1000-gallon tank of anhydrous ammonia from a farm field in Leonidas Township Saturday was likely the work of manufacturers of the street drug, methamphetamine, said Sandy Spence, assistant manager of Crop Production Services, owner of the tank.

“They don’t steal them to put on corn,” Spence said.

The tank, delivered to the field Friday night, was full of two tons of fertilizer, valued at $875 a ton, she said. The tank was clearly marked indicating that the ammonia was treated with GloTell, a substance that dyes the product bright pink and makes it unsuitable for methamphetamine production, Spence said.

Spence said it appeared that the vehicle used to haul the heavy tank from the field did not have 4-wheel drive normally required to pull such trailers, and that a chain was used to drag the tank and trailer to the roadway.”The scene was all torn up,” Spence said.

She said the St. Joseph County Sheriff’s office handled the initial complaint, and told her the information would be forwarded to Michigan State Police drug enforcement authoirities as well.

Spence said the theft is the first the company has experienced for several years. Before the advent of GloTell, Spence kept a log of the frequent theft of product for their facility and its tanks in the field, but GloTell has put an end to that trend, she said.

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