Four Charged in Friday’s Meth Bust

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In the wake of the Dorchester County Sheriff’s Office seizure of an operational methamphetamine laboratory at 133 Coronet St. in the Meadow Run subdivision in Knightsville area of Dorchester County, four people were charged with manufacturing methamphetamine and manufacturing methamphetamine within half-mile proximity of a school.

David C. William Jr. of 133 Coronet St., Gerald Smith of 119 Roberts Road, Rhonda Morgan of 133 Coronet St., and Faith Mccutcheon of 2081 Scuffletown Road, Ruffin, were decontaminated and transported to the Dorchester County Jail.

Smith and Mccutcheon are currently out on bond for a methamphetamine manufacturing charge from April 1. All four are currently awaiting a bond hearing at the county jail in St. George.

The Metro Narcotics Unit received a tip of the active meth lab about 7 p.m. Friday and went to the residence to investigate. Detectives knocked on the front door to speak with occupants of the residence and upon doing so could see at least three people in a running around the house concealing items used to manufacture the drug.

Detectives alleged a strong, chemical odor associated with meth manufacturing emitting from the residence.

Four people were detained and a search warrant was obtained for the residence. During the search of the residence detectives seized an operational methamphetamine lab. Detectives worked until 4 a.m. Saturday, while storms rolled into the region, dismantling the lab and removing the hazardous chemicals.

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