Meth trafficker sentenced to 7 ½ years

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Lindsey Siemens didn’t live in Saskatchewan so he didn’t have to deal with the mess created in society by more than 5,000 doses of crystal meth he was caught bringing and selling into the Saskatoon market, a Saskatoon court has been told.

The 48-year-old Chilliwack man has been sentenced to 7 ½ years in prison after a trial proved he sold 18 grams of the highly addictive drug and had another 14 grams in his possession, which Judge Daryl Labach found was intended to be sold.

Siemens was given 16 months credit for time on remand, leaving 74 months remaining to be served.

“Meth ruins lives and ruins families. To sell it for your own profit seems pretty reprehensible,” federal Crown prosecutor Bruce Bauer said outside court Friday.

Siemens was found guilty of trafficking in methamphetamine and possession for the purpose of trafficking it.

He pleaded guilty Friday to 29 computer-related frauds involving 65 credit cards, debit cards, gift cards and stolen identification in which magnetic strips on the cards had been altered. The bogus cards were used to defraud banks of $6,298.

One year of the sentence pertained to those frauds.

Siemens admitted committing those crimes while on a recognizance after a British Columbia court released him from custody while he waited for trial on at least three other charges, including drug charges.

He was arrested March 1, 2010, after driving to Saskatoon from Chilliwack, B.C.

He was one of seven people charged at the conclusion of a four-month-long investigation by the Saskatoon police and the RCMP integrated drug unit.

Police who searched Siemens’ vehicle found 13.6 grams of methamphetamine in a taped up plastic bag and 0.4 grams in a separate bag, a digital scale, $880 in cash, two cellphones, two global positioning devices and MasterCard and Visa gift cards.

Siemens was convicted of trafficking in narcotics in 2003 and was sentenced then to 4½ years in prison.

He returned to the drug trade, where his role was comparable to a wholesaler suppling to retailers in Saskatoon, who then distribute to the public, Labach said.

He was one of a growing number of drug dealers from Alberta and B.C. who have flocked to Saskatchewan, where the booming economy has produced consumers with expendable cash, Bauer said.

Addicts neglect their children and turn to robbery, theft, prostitution and trafficking to pay for their habits; gangs and dealers use violence to establish and protect turf; and “the general level of criminality increases” in communities because of narcotics, said federal Crown prosecutor Bruce Bauer at Siemens’s sentencing hearing in provincial court.

Among his co-accused was Alyssa Holmes, 22, who was sentenced to 3 ½ years for trafficking. A mother of three children, she wept at her sentencing hearing and said the addiction had ruined her life.

Jason Draude, 31, was sentenced last year to six years; Henry Ken Peters, 66, was sentenced to six years; Clayton McLeod and Clayton Soare, 26, were each sentenced to four years.

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