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A Calgary man pleaded not guilty to sexually assaulting a teenage girl as the first of three criminal trials against him got underway on Monday.

Dustin Paxton, 30, is accused of unlawful confinement, sexual assault and assault of the girl between January and March of 2009. Her name is protected by a publication ban.

The victim, who is now 19, testified on Monday as the three-day trial began.

She told the court Paxton, whom she was dating, became very controlling and had major mood swings. She described trying to leave him after they had a fight.

“I walked out the door, made it to the middle of the street. He ran out, grabbed my hair, and dragged me back inside,” she testified.

Paxton choked her on four occasions during sex, she told the court. “It was like I was his property, if he wanted it, he’d take it,” she said.

But Paxton’s defence lawyer, Jim Lutz, questioned the teen’s recollection of the alleged abuse.

“I don’t know the chronological order it all happened,” she replied. “I don’t know the month or day or time. I wasn’t looking at a calendar all the time.”

She also admitted she was a heavy user of methamphetamine at the time.

Paxton was arrested in August 2010 in connection with a brutal, long-running series of alleged attacks on his former roommate, who also cannot be named.

Those assaults are alleged to have occurred between December 2008 and April 2010 in Calgary and Regina, until the man was dropped off at a Regina hospital.

Paxton faces several charges related to those allegations, including aggravated assault, forcible confinement, sexual assault, sexual assault causing bodily harm and assault with a weapon.

The alleged assault against the teenage girl came to light during the investigation into the attacks on Paxton’s former roommate.

His trial on those charges is set to begin Sept. 27.

A third trial in December involves separate alleged attacks against four people, including the roommate.

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