— The body of Susan Taylor was found with 45 ax wounds inside a suspected drug house in La Costa. Six years later, Cheri Dale of Leucadia was convicted of the gruesome killing and sentenced to 26 years in prison. Prosecutors said Dale was trying to steal methamphetamine when she snuck into the garage, found an ax, and went inside the home and Taylor, who was 18 weeks’ pregnant.

— Vista resident Sheri Ann Brant, 20, was sentenced to six years in prison for the death of her passenger in a fiery crash after a high- speed car chase with police. Prosecutors said she was driving a stolen car while on meth when she crashed and her car burst into flames.

— Timothy Burke, 28, was murdered and Alberto Fox, 29, severely wounded in two Vista stabbings authorities believed was about a $30 drug debt. In the trial, attorneys said both victims and their assailants were addicted to methamphetamine. Donald Lee Bailey was convicted of murder and premeditated attempted murder and sentenced to 25 years to life in prison. Byron Floyd Summersville was convicted of the same charges and sentenced to 23 years to life. Dupree Maurice Allen pleaded guilty to voluntary manslaughter and accessory to murder after the fact and was sentenced to 80 months in prison.

— A jury convicted Emilio Encisco of Encinitas of the 1992 stabbing death of his former supervisor, Travis Payne, at the Encinitas car dealership where he had worked two years before the killing. Encisco’s attorney argued his client was not guilty by reason of insanity because he was on methamphetamine and had paranoid delusions the day he stabbed Payne 19 times. Encisco was convicted of second-degree murder and sentenced to 16 years to life.

— Michael King was shot to death in the predawn hours of May 12 on North Clementine Street in Oceanside. Later that month, police in Phoenix arrested alleged methamphetamine dealer Douglas Barrier, who was charged with the killing. Attorneys at the 1995 trial said Barrier and King were on meth and arguing about drugs at the time of the shooting. Barrier was sentenced to 100 years in prison under the state’s new three-strikes legislation. He later appealed the sentence, only to be sentenced to an additional 14 years.

— Jose Hinojosa walked into his kitchen the evening of Oct. 16 and shot his roommate to death and wounding another man in his Oceanside
home as the two victims sat at a table. Hinojosa did not deny the shooting, but his defense attorney the following year said Hinojosa had paranoid delusions brought on by methamphetamine, and he believed his roommate was planning to kill and eat his children. He was convicted of first-degree murder and sentenced to 37 years in prison.

— In a landmark case in 1997, a Riverside jury convicted Kathey Lynn James of second-degree murder in the death of her three children in 1995. During the trial, prosecutors said James was making methamphetamine on her stove when the chemicals exploded, killing her children, ages 1, 2 and 3. The judge sentenced James to 45 years to life in prison.

— San Marcos teenager Ramon Ramirez pleaded guilty to firing into a carload of teenagers who stole his baseball cap, killing one. Police found him in possession of methamphetamine when he was arrested.
— Sheriff’s deputies shot and killed Edwin Perez in May after responding to a call about a man firing a gun in the neighborhood near Vista High School. The county medical examiner’s office later reported Perez had meth in his system.

— Poway residents Daisey Marie Reed and her boyfriend Robert Howard Kish pleaded guilty to felony child abuse following the October beating death of 8-month-old Zachary Kete. Deputy District Attorney William Wood said the Poway couple used meth daily and neglected the child before the fatal beating. Reed was sentenced to five years in prison and Kish was sentenced to 10 years.

— San Marcos resident Raymond Gilbert Morrison was found guilty of attempted voluntary manslaughter in the shooting of Lon Albert Sullivan of Escondido and was sentenced to 10 years inn prison. During the trial, Morrison said he shot in self-defense after accusing Sullivan of taking advantage of his girlfriend during drug deals. Sullivan had previous drug convictions, and as he recovered from the shooting in the hospital, authorities charged him with manufacturing methamphetamine.

— Escondido residents Joseph Ditto, James Porter and Dorothy Locicero were charged with premeditated attempted murder following the May 13 shooting of Juan Flores, who was wounded as he sat in a pickup on Park Place in Escondido. Flores said in court that he used meth almost daily for eight years. Porter and Ditto told police they were attempting to rob Flores because they heard he regularly had drugs and money on him. In a plea agreement, Ditto was sentenced to 14 years. Porter was sentenced to six years and Locicero to four years in state prison, although her
sentence was suspended and she was placed her on probation for three years.

— In the early hours of June 9, Shawn Curran of San Marcos drove a stolen truck through a Pala campground full of bikers, crushing tents and killing one man. Curran did not deny the incident, but his defense
attorney in 1997 said his client was on methamphetamine and believed the bikers were representatives of Satan. He was convicted of second- degree murder.

— Jeremiah Johnson, Kelly Dennis Jory and Tinarae Helena were accused of brutally terrorizing an elderly couple at a home in Fallbrook. Attorneys at the trial said the three were on meth at the time of the attack. Johnson and Helena pleaded guilty while Jory was arrested for a string of robberies in Nevada.

— Kevin Critton of Lake Elsinore was convicted in 2004 of voluntary manslaughter in the 2002 death of Mitchell Thomas of Temecula. Prosecutors said Critton attacked Thomas with a baseball bat after he woke up and saw his girlfriend and Thomas in a bathroom preparing to inject meth. Thomas died a week later.

— Jeffree Buettner of Menifee and Glen Jones of Wildomar were arrested and charged with killing El Cajon resident Stephanie Ann Benton, 18, whose body was found stuffed inside a 55-gallon drum near Interstate 15 and Nichols Road. Prosecutors alleged the two suspected Benton of turning them in for a burglary. Luring her to a remote location to use meth, they allegedly beat and strangled her. They are still awaiting trial.

— Vista deputies in September shot and killed Sergio Ramos, 20, in front of his West Indian Rock Road home. Deputies said Ramos charged at them with a steak knife, and court records showed Ramos had a history of drug convictions. That June, he had pleaded guilty to meth possession and was sentenced to drug treatment.

— Edward Tony Aguilar of Menifee confessed on videotape to stabbing to death Jon Willson in 2003. The two men worked together in a Temecula printing company. Aguilar told investigators that he killed Willson because he was in fear for his life. The two men were trying to buy meth at the time, and Willson was driving his pickup when Aguilar stabbed him.

— In five summer days, Vista saw three deputy-involved shootings that took the lives of three men. According to county medical examiner’s records, all three had meth in their systems when they died.
Sergio Garcia-Vasquez was shot and killed at his North Citrus Avenue home in July. Deputies were called to his home by a woman who said he was threatening her and acting irrationally.

Also in July, deputies shot and killed Jorge Ramirez during a foot chase following a robbery at a Circle K store.

In August, deputies shot and killed Jesus Manzo during a foot chase.
The shootings sparked accusations of racism in the city’s Latino community. In response, county District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis said
the men who were shot all had criminal records and had methamphetamine in their systems.

  1. In the first story about Cheri Dale the author is dead right about the curse of drugs. The court was dead wrong in convicting Cheri. When the crime was committed Cheri was sound asleep in our living room. The lies of DDA Tomas Manning and officer Robert Wick of the Carlsbad PD were responsible for he conviction.Read “Junk Forensics in San Diego” and c-wolf blog.

  2. Fred says:

    Cheri Dale did not kill Susan Taylor. I was with her on the morning of that murder and was tricked into not taking the stand at her trial by her court appointed lawyer who sent her up the river by hiding her and her several witnesses’ side of the story. Prosecutors can make up any story to make someone look like a vampire, and the did a great job of that with Cheri to 12 strangers on her jury. She had no criminal history whatsoever and passed the lie detector test but jurors didn’t hear about that. She was definately in the wrong crowd at that time and an infrequent user of the terrible drug meth, and no one more than she now knows how bad associations can play against you in a trial. But by the time of her arrest in 1993, she had grown up and been clean for 2 years and was gainfully employed. It took a Deputy DA and an arresting officer to falisify a forensic hair test within her arrest warrant to supply probable cause to arrest her. When a judge wanted to make a ruling on the sufficiency of the affidavit, the DDA snuck over to the grand jury subverting her Preliminary Hearing and assuring the case would go to trial. Meanwhile, the lawyer who had raised Outrageous Governmental Misconduct, Falsified Evidence and Perjury issues against the prosecution, was mysteriously removed from Cheri’s case and a friend of the proseuctors was installed. The 2nd atty DROPPED the first lawyer’s Motion to Dismiss the case based on prosecutorial misconduct and excused completely false things used against Cheri as “mistakes”. No, there’s a lot of politics going on in San Diego. A lot of trickery involved too we found. Like a former Deputy DA who “shuffled defendant’s interviews to confuse the defense and aid the proseuction”. He got busted. But the same tactic was used against Cheri. Her interview had 34 pages shuffled yet numbered as though they were in order. Talk about confusing the defense. Our investigator didn’t even figure it out. I did by accident, then restored the text to match the videotape. Talk about editing. In certain places it changed Cheri’s answer at the top of a page from “no” to “yes” and potentially placed her at the scene of the crime. Moral of the story is #1 stay away from meth and it’s crowd. #2 Get a new lawyer if you’re unhappy with yours. We believed we were stuck with ours. Anyways, there was no evidence of Cheri at the scene. No murder weapon. No fingerprints. No blood. No dna. And the locked door that was kicked in was never mentioned at any time, but close ups of the videotape show the striker plate to the bedroom door where Taylor was is missing a screw and the wood behind it is split. Sure, meth is pretty terrible. But so is putting an innnocent woman in prison and lying for other suspects.

  3. DDA Tom Manning is a liar. In your first story Cheri Dale didnot kill Susan Taylor.This story was manufactured by Manning and officer Bob Wick of the Carlsbad Ca. P pleaseD. For proof of this statement please contact me.

  4. Shannen Magee says:

    I have studied the Cheri Dale case and there is overwhelming evidence that this young girl was the second victim who lost her life in this scam. The real killer of Susan Taylor is still out there and so is the Prosecutor who stole Cheri Dale’s life from her from his position of civil service. Meth is terrible, it ruins lives, but in this case so has the justice system.

  5. Yolanda van der Puyl says:

    Sorry, I’ve been off the grid because of health issues. I am a retired Paralegal and have surfed the internet finding everything on Cheri and the victim Susan Taylor. If Cheri is guilty of Susans murder, then I’m a idiot just like Manning and the crew that set her up to take the Fall. The murderer is still out there and the people who this puke.. STAND UNITED and let the Cat out of the bag. Don’t go to the District Attorney. Email Charles, Fred, or me. You have the information that is needed to get Cheri released from hell. What if this was your child? Yup, your old enough to be parent of a wrongly convicted child. If you know anything about the case that was never brought up in court, you have a obligation to Cheri to tell the truth……. Please…

  6. Yolanda van der Puyl says:

    To the wimp that murdered Susan Taylor and the chicken

  7. VistaRebel says:

    Read the book..A Case For Innocence and see how Cheri Lynn Dale was framed for Susan Denise Taylor, by a narcotics detective Robert Wick. The author is now a Florida Attorney, me only a Paralegal Investigation Specialist. I not only read the book, but with the help of Cheris family over 6,000 pages. How if Robert Wick lost the evidence can he swear under penalty of perjury get a Murder Warrant that says “hair analysis proves to be similar to Dale”. What hair sample you lying simpleton, it was found NINE MONTHS LATER IN BETWEEN THE SEATS OF YOUR UNDERCOVER CAR BY YOUR SGT. In court you also stated a Sgt. searching a undercover car is a bi-weekly routine. LIAR. STAR Witness LISA STRATTON IS STILL IN FEAR FOR HER LIFE? We know who the real killer is, I would be scared shitless too. Oh, Susan was beaten to death, what about the .38 through the arm, shell casings found and on the video walk through cop talking to cop admit all this and the word crossfire. Cheri didn’t murder Susan her alibi is solid, but her idiot Attorney Berg wouldn’t bring in the alibi and the evidence that went with it. We’ll be coming around to nail you and the fella that killed Susan. Lisa, where’s the half pound of meth you and your friend bought? Not in evidence and why did you hide your gun after the murder? See you soon