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Nearly 60 percent of county officials reported that methamphetamine is the biggest drug problem in the county, according to a new survey released today by the National Association of Counties (NACO). The survey, The Effect of Criminal Procedure of methamphetamine on communities, was designed to determine the impact of methods agencies law enforcement in the county. NACO has published an additional study, The impact of methamphetamine on children. Agencys response law enforcement, 87 percent report increases in meth related arrests starting three years ago.Fifty percent of respondents believe that districts 1 to 5 of their current in prison for crimes related methods have been housed. Seventeen percent of the counties show that more than half of its population in prison for crimes related to the methods are in prison.
County governments across America are at the front, in response to methamphetamine crisis, the president said NACO and Lake County, Illinois Director Angel D. Kyle. For the provinces, meth abuse causes legal, medical, environmental and social problems. According to the survey, other crimes are increasing because of meth. Seventy percent of the officials interviewed say that robberies or burglaries due to increased use of methods, while 62 percent report an increase in domestic violence.
The main objective of my presidential initiative on meth is to promote ergotamine over the counter substitutes action by Congress and the Administration to control and reduce the production, distribution and abuse of methamphetamine, including assistance to countries to meet the problem locally, said NACO President-Elect and Umatilla County, Oregon Commissioner Bill Hansell. The second study found that methamphetamine is a major cause of abuse and neglect. Forty percent of all officials reported an increase in child outside the home because of the methamphetamine in the past year.In the past five years showed 71 percent of the responding counties in California, an increase in placements outside the home because of methane and 70 percent of districts reported Colorado, an increase over the same period.
County child welfare officials were asked if the special nature of the meth user parent has increased the difficulty of family reunification and 59 percent said yes. The survey of Research, Inc. of Washington have been conducted, DC include results from 500 counties in 45 states in the survey, the penal effect of meth on communities. The results of the survey, the impact of methamphetamine on children, are based on responses from 303 counties of 13 states in which all children and youth activities based on conduct at the county level.

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