Meth makes a comeback in Dickinson area

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The amount of methamphetamine in the area is on the rise, according to the Southwest Narcotics Task Force.

Because of the nature of their work, three SWNTF officers who were interviewed by The Press asked that their names not be used.

“I think the amount of money that’s in the area now, that’s what’s making the meth come back,” a task force officer said.

Officers said they are still finding prescription drugs, which has been an issue for several years, but that meth is now more prevalent.

There aren’t many people cooking meth in the area. Instead, it is being driven into the state and is also showing up in the mail, officers said.

Area police and sheriff departments forward most of their cases involving drugs to the SWNTF.

“We’re working together with local law enforcement agencies along with the Southwest Narcotics Task Force,” said Stark County Sheriff Clarence Tuhy. “We’re all working together because nobody’s got the personnel that they can dedicate just for drugs.”

Marijuana continues to be the most prevalent drug in the area, according to SWNTF.

“With Montana being legalized for medical use, that’s pretty much all we’re seeing is the medical marijuana,” a task force officer said.

Medical marijuana is more potent, he added.

There has also been a spike in what is referred to as synthetic marijuana, which is also known as K2, spice and spark, according to SWNTF.

Synthetic marijuana is often packaged as bath salts, aroma therapy and tobacco products, officers said. The chemicals put into the products give users a high similar to marijuana, although it is not the same chemical found in marijuana, according to SWNTF.

In 2010, the SWNTF had one case of synthetic marijuana and this year there have been at least six, officers said.

The synthetic marijuana is risky, they added, since consumers don’t know what they’re putting into their body, how much they are doing or how it’s going to mix with prescribed medications or other illicit drugs.

There is usually more than one crime taking place when people are caught with drugs, such as burglaries and domestic violence, officers said.

“Anytime you’ve got drugs and alcohol involved, you start doing stupid things,” Stark County Sheriff Clarence Tuhy said. “With the drugs especially, they need the money to buy it and they’re going to get the money.”

SWNTF officers feel the amount of cases they have outweighs the area’s recent population increase.

“Our cases this month have already doubled last month,” a SWNTF officer said.

However, the majority of the cases involve people who were raised in the area or have been here for several years.

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