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Cathedral City — A Buena Park teenager ran away from home last week, planning to finally meet the 17-year-old boy she’d met online two years ago, Giovanni Antonio Corsentino.

Instead, police say the 15-year-old girl found herself trapped in a Cathedral City home where she was drugged and repeatedly raped by the 44-year-old man who had conned her.

Investigators Monday detailed the accusations against Jeffrey Thomas Sackman, who was arrested Friday at his duplex in the 28-200 block of Landau Boulevard.

The girl, who is now home with her mother, was the apparent victim of an increasingly common but dramatically underreported crime.

“She willingly left home and came out here looking and thinking she was going to get something different than she did,” police spokesman Lt. Chuck Robinson said.

“That’s the story of every single one of these that go down across the nation — these kids being lured online by predators, leaving the state, leaving their hometowns, and getting themselves into situations where it’s horrific.”

Investigators say the girl first met Sackman online two years ago. They built a relationship on social media sites such as Facebook, mbuzzy and MySpace. He posed as an Italian teenage boy.

Sometime last week, Sackman persuaded the girl to finally visit him. He bought her a bus ticket and promised to get her to Arizona so she could visit her brother, investigators said.

When she arrived, police say Sackman held the girl in his duplex, a clean and spacious home with a front yard directly across from Desert Princess Country Club.

There, he gave her methamphetamine and sexually assaulted her several times during the week, according to the statements she gave investigators.

On Friday morning, the girl’s mother called police about her runaway daughter. She might be in an apartment in Cathedral City, she told them.

“Mom did a little detective work on her own and was able to get it narrowed down to a particular area,” Robinson said.

Police said they were already familiar with Sackman, who neighbors had complained about previously. He did not cooperate to help find the girl, but she was found “hidden” inside, Robinson said.

Sackman admitted to some of the girl’s accusations, Robinson said.

The duplex where the girl was found is in a high-traffic but family-friendly neighborhood where children play in the alley out back.

Neighbors exchanged greetings with Sackman, who lived there for several years, but warned each other about the constant stream of visitors who came and went from his home, neighbors told The Desert Sun.

Just last week, Sackman was outside with a young woman and several people, a 24-year-old neighbor said. She asked not to be named, citing the safety of her two young children.

“I never thought too much about it, but I always had a bad feeling about him,” the neighbor said. “I heard things about him, so I kind of backed away.”

Riverside County court records show no criminal record for Sackman beyond traffic-related offenses.

Sackman was being held Monday on four preliminary felony charges — rape, unlawful sex with a minor, and two counts of lewd and lascivious acts with a minor.

His case was forwarded Monday to the Riverside County District Attorney’s Office prosecutors.

Cathedral City police said that, because of the prior contacts with Sackman, they are searching for other possible victims.

Investigators asked anyone with information to call Detective Rick Sanchez at (760) 770-0381.

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