Family Meth and crime operation taken down

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RUIDOSO, N.M. (KRQE) – It was a family affair, according to Ruidoso police who say they went looking for stolen loot and found even more illegal activity under one roof.

The arrest of burglary suspect Randy Lovitt last week led police to another crime hub.

“There was probably about $20,000 worth of merchandise recovered from their home,” Ruidoso Detective Cpl. Lawrence Chavez said.

Mother and son, Monika and Robert Sanders were arrested at their home for receiving stolen property. Police found “anything from large screen TVs, to laptop computers, gaming systems,” said Chavez.

But that’s not all police said the Sanders were up to. Lovitt led police to the Sanders’ home in Ruidoso, and what they found was a family not only housing stolen property, they were also dealing drugs.

When police knocked on the door to search their home, Monika Sanders was swallowing balloons of methamphetamine.

“The amount recovered through the hospital was a little over an ounce that she swallowed,” Chavez explained. Police originally weren’t aware Sanders had swallowed the drugs.

“She was conscious, talking to us the entire time that we executed the search warrant,” recalled Chavez. He said it wasn’t until the next day in jail that she became sick.

But it wasn’t just methamphetamine police alleged they uncovered at the Sanders home.

“We found a pound of marijuana, an active marijuana grow, and I believe it was just under a gram of methamphetamine packaged,” Chavez said.

Police then got an arrest warrant for Monika’s ex husband, Ross Sanders, who still lived with her but wasn’t home when police found the stolen property.

Chavez said when police arrested Ross Sanders, they found in his possession a pound of methamphetamine worth about $70,000 on the street, plus another $2,000 in cash.

All in all, police said it was a vital catch.

“Anybody that operates in those types of activities is a danger to society,” explained Chavez. “It was just a family operation, I guess you would say.”

All three family members are facing drug and burglary related charges. They’re currently calling the Lincoln County jail, their home away from home.

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