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OKLAHOMA CITY — An Oklahoma City high school teacher has been charged with methamphetamine possession while in class.

However, as of Tuesday afternoon, Douglass High School teacher Chrissea Jackson was nowhere to be found, authorities told Eyewitness News 5.

 Investigators said police found meth in her purse after she got sick on campus about a month ago. Jackson had collapsed, prompting an ambulance to be called to the school, located in northeast Oklahoma City.

 According to court records, Douglass’ principal and an emergency medical worker were worried that Jackson was having a diabetic attack. The pair started combing through Jackson’s purse to search for medication.

 That’s when they found a baggie full of a “crystalline substance.” Authorities tested it, and results showed it to be about a third of a gram of methamphetamine — enough to charge Jackson with a felony on suspicion of possessing a controlled dangerous substance within 1,000 feet of a school.

 The case is on hold for now because Jackson is nowhere to be found, either by police or the school district.

 School officials did not say much about the incident, just that they have scheduled a termination hearing for Jackson next month. They have also already started the process of hiring her replacement, officials told Eyewitness News 5.
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