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Methamphetamine lab materials were discovered in a rented motel room where a deputy from the Clinton County Sheriff’s Office was serving outstanding warrants on two Midland residents for failure to appear in court on other charges.

Arrested were Denver L. Melampy, 32, and Mary L. Butler, 28, both of 122 State Route 28, Apt. 1, Midland. They were charged with illegal assembly or possession of chemicals for the manufacture of drugs and aggravated possession of drugs.

Melampy and Butler were arrested at the West End Motel at 2733 U.S. 22, Wilmington, where Deputy Brian Butler observed Melampy “peek out” a window of a room at the motel. “I knocked on the door and I heard some scurrying and then I knocked again,” Deputy Butler said.

Melampy answered the door and when the sheriff’s deputy went inside to handcuff Melampy and Mary Butler, he saw several white pills scattered on the floor, a Mason jar with more of the white pills and a container turned upside down in a sink. “I also immediately noticed a strong chemical smell coming from the room,” Deputy Butler said.

Also discovered inside the room was a funnel with a hose attached, a second hose with a valve attached, lithium batteries and muriatic acid, all components for manufacturing methamphetamine, according to the sheriff’s office.

“Denver Melampy advised he was getting the items ready that were in the rented room for (someone else) to cook meth,” Deputy Butler said.

During a “pat down” deputies discovered a baggie of marijuana and rolling papers in Melampy’s pocket. He also said the pills were psuedophedrine, according to Deputy Butler.

Drug paraphernalia and white pills were also discovered in Mary Butler’s purse, Deputy Butler said.

Melampy and Mary Butler were incarcerated in the Clinton County Jail.


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