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A garbage pickup worker noticed plastic bottles with tubing believed used in methamphetamine production, leading to an investigation Tuesday by the Rutherford County Sheriff’s Office, police said.

This is the second meth-related call in two days to the Sheriff’s Office, according to a news release from Sheriff Robert Arnold.

Deputy James Davis determined the trash contained materials possibly used to manufacture illegal methamphetamine.

 Narcotics Lt. Egon Grissom said Special Enforcement Bureau Capt. Jason Mathis and Detective Sedric Fields found in the trash plastic bottles with tubing, chemicals such as muriatic acid, packaging for ephedrine and open lithium batteries.

 “Everything was consistent to making meth,” Grissom said in the release.

 Mathis and Fields obtained consent to search the home where a mother and adult son lived at 704 Aberdeen Parke off Stewarts Valley Road. There identities were not released.

 The officers “donned their hazardous materials suits, searched the residence and found items throughout the house used to cook meth,” Grissom said.

 The officers then quarantined the house and notified the Tennessee Methamphetamine Task Force who cleaned up the site. The residents have the responsibility of cleaning their own house, the release stated.

 Detectives questioned the mother and son. Charges may be pending.

 Grissom commended the employee who noticed the materials to make meth and notified the sheriff’s office.

 “He deserves a pat on the back,” Grissom said.

 In Monday’s case, evidence of methamphetamine was found at a dump site on Holly Grove Road. The Tennessee Methamphetamine Task Force was called to clean the site. The case remains under investigation.


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