Meth Lab Found At Motel, Officers Say

Posted: 16th December 2011 by Doc in Uncategorized
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HOLLY HILL, Fla. — Police officers in Holly Hill say the occupants of a Quality Motel room admitted they were making methamphetamine there.

 Officers said a suspicious-looking pickup truck parked outside the motel led officers to the bust. The pickup’s dome light was illuminated, the driver’s door was ajar and the steering column was broken.


An officer knocked on the door of the room the pickup was parked next to and noticed the lights inside were immediately turned off, according to a police report.


Investigators said 37-year-old Billy Lawman eventually answered the door. When he did, the officer noted a strong chemical odor coming from the room.


Another occupant in the room, 25-year-old Cory Sadowski, spoke with the officer and admitted the two were in the process of making methamphetamine when the officer knocked on the door.


Lawman and Sadowski were both arrested and charged with manufacturing a controlled substance.


Police said agents removed the chemicals from the motel room. The two men will be held at the Volusia County Jail.


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