Meth bust ends with 11 arrests

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Eleven people have been arrested on serious drug dealing offences after police discovered a methamphetamine lab in Waikato.

Police recovered $170,000 worth of methamphetamine along with thousands of dollars of cash in the bust.

A three month police operation focussed on the areas of Tokoroa, Tirau and Putaruru with further links into the South Waikato.

Eight search warrants were executed across the area and a methamphetamine clandestine laboratory along with chemicals and glassware capable of producing significant amounts of methamphetamine were found in Putaruru.

Detective Senior Sergeant Lindsay Pilbrow, the officer in charge of crime services for the Bay of Plenty district, said those arrested are long-term offenders.

“The drug dealing activity of those arrested and charged in this termination is significant and covered the spectrum from street level, to high end dealing and supply, with the estimated value of drugs distributed in excess of hundreds of thousands of dollars.

“This group have been involved with organised criminal activity in this area for many years and their drug offending has caused a significant negative impact in the local community.”

He said some are members of local organised criminal groups, while others have gang links.

“These sorts of offenders often think they are above the law. They have made careers out of illegal activity, including the manufacture and distribution of drugs, violence, theft, burglaries and intimidation.

“The local Tokoroa community in particular has had enough of this type of offending and the impact and harm that it causes, particularly to the town’s younger population.”

Those arrested are due to appear in the Tokoroa District Court today.

They will be facing in excess of 50 charges relating to Class A and Class C drug dealing and possession offences.

Further charges are expected to follow this initial arrest phase.

Pilbrow says 50 staff from across the Bay of Plenty and Waikato were involved in the bust.


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